Bump or Beer Belly Baby Shower Game

      Are you looking for a fun and unique game to add to your next party or gathering? Look no further than Baby or Beer Belly - the ultimate party game for laughter and fun! This game challenges guests to test their observation skills by looking at pictures of larger-than-life bellies and deciding whether they are pregnant baby bellies or beer bellies. You'll be surprised at how difficult it can be to tell the difference!

      Featuring 9 different photographs of zoomed-in images, the game encourages guests to take a closer look and decide which type of protruding belly they believe has a baby inside. With a playing time of around 30 minutes, Baby or Beer Belly is the perfect addition to any party or gathering. Available in multiple themes, this game is sure to bring laughs and giggles to all who play.

      Not only is Baby or Beer Belly a great way to add some fun and laughter to your party, it also makes for a great conversation starter. Guests can compare their observations and share their guesses, leading to even more laughter and fun. Whether you're hosting a baby shower, a birthday party, or just a casual get-together, Baby or Beer Belly is the perfect addition to your event.

      For your convenience, this game is available for purchase online, so you can easily add it to your next party or gathering.