Virtual Baby Shower Ideas for 2021

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas in 2021

In recent times when every event that normally takes place in person is now being conducted online, it can be difficult trying to figure out how to capture the magic of in-person moments. This is especially true for intimate occasions with close friends and family such as baby showers. You don't have to skip out on the fun tradition of a baby shower just because it can't be in person; throwing a virtual baby shower is easier than you think.

Before getting started, make your baby registry like you would for any typical baby shower. In this way, your loved ones will know what you need. Online baby registries are already commonly used and preferred, so this won't be much of a difference at all.

Much like you might an actual baby shower, you'll first need to consider your "venue." Decide on what platform is easiest for people to meet on such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. Because some of your loved ones might not understand how to use these relatively new popular services, it's important to take some time to test it out before the appointed event.

It is recommended that you use Zoom to accomplish this, because it is simple and straightforward but also because there are a lot of fun ways to customize your background to make the event more festive and personal. If you choose to go another route besides Zoom, you can decorate the physical space where you'll be hosting the party to enhance the overall mood of the party.


Once you've decided where you plan to host the event, you should decide when to hold it. Keep in mind that Zoom caps out at 40 minutes unless you have a paid subscription, so you might need to limit it to that time. Within that time limit, you can divide up the time allotted into hellos, goodbyes, fun games and more. You can choose to open the gifts on camera and add that to the time or wait to open them until after.

 Some fun games you can play virtually include guessing a number of items in a jar that the hostess holds up or guessing the price of different baby items that are being displayed. Guests can also send the hostess pictures of themselves when they were babies, and then your friends can try and guess which face belongs to which friend. For those who are particularly close to the new mother, you can play quiz games about them and see who knows her best. Prizes can be given in the form of gift cards.

 As a keepsake, you can set up a virtual baby shower guest book that will allow your guests to leave their marks. Give them a little form to fill out before or during the shower that can then be turned in after the fact.

 Having a fulfilling baby shower experience doesn't have to be sacrificed through social distancing when you keep the above ideas in mind.