Unique Baby Shower Games for Small Groups

Are you in charge of throwing a baby shower for a small group of friends and family? It can be a bit challenging to come up with games that are both fun and accommodating for a small group, but don't worry, we've got you covered!

First things first, let's talk about why baby shower games are important. Sure, they can be a little cheesy at times, but they serve a purpose beyond just entertaining your guests. Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice among guests who may not know each other well, and they also help to keep the shower moving along smoothly. Plus, they're just plain fun!

Now, on to the games! One of our favorite baby shower games for small groups is "Guess the Baby Food." All you need for this game is a table and a bunch of jars of pureed baby food. Have each guest taste the pureed food and try to guess the flavor. Trust us, this game can get surprisingly competitive! Not to mention, it's a great conversation starter among guests.

Another fun game for small groups is the "Diaper Derby." This one is sure to get everyone laughing! To set up, create a race track using diapers as the "lane markers." Then, have guests race with baby dolls in strollers or baby carriers. You can even make it a relay race by dividing guests into teams. This is a game that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

For something a little more low-key, try "Baby Word Scramble." All you need for this game is a list of baby-related words that you've scrambled up. Guests will have a set amount of time to unscramble as many words as they can. This game is great for guests who prefer a quieter, more relaxed activity.

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Another great option for small groups is "Baby Bingo." Create bingo cards with baby-related items, and have guests mark off items as they are mentioned during the shower. You can even make it a little more interesting by offering prizes for the first person to get a bingo or the person with the most bingos at the end of the shower.

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One game that is sure to bring a lot of laughter and memories is "Baby Gift Story." Have each guest bring a gift and a story about how they picked it out or why it is special. It's a great way for guests to bond over their shared love for the new arrival.

Another game that can be a lot of fun for the guests is "Name that Baby song". play short snippet of popular baby songs and have guests guess the song name.

Finally, we have "Baby Mad Libs." Create a Mad Libs story with baby-related words and have guests fill in the blanks. This game is perfect for guests of all ages, and it's a great way to get everyone involved in the shower.

All of these games are easy to set up and they're perfect for small groups. They are also relatively low-key and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Most importantly, these games are a fun way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and to show support for the expecting parents. Remember to make sure to have fun and don't take things too seriously! After all, it's all about celebrating the new arrival!

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