Top 10 Best Baby Shower Games for 2021

Everyone loves attending a beautiful baby shower, the food, drink, cake and celebrations are never to be missed! But what makes the day extra special? exciting games!

So if you're currently stressing over how to get the most excitement and fun out of your baby shower this year, look no further. Here are our Top 10 Best Baby Shower Games for 2021 to get everyone involved and laughing on your special day. 

1. Baby Bingo

Get your guests to write down the presents and gifts they think the mommy-to-be will be receiving, if she opens the gift they must tick it off on the grid! One of the most popular standalone baby shower game and is a sure way to build some excitement among friends and family at your baby shower, a newborn take on the classic, is always lots of fun.

2. Baby Traits

Baby Traits will put your friends to the test to see who they think (or want) your little bundle of joy to take after. This fun game can be taken as seriously or jovially as your party wants, and really builds excitement for your due date. Have them guess which features they think Mommy wants the baby to have, and then have Mommy answer!

3. Guess the Childrens Book - Emoji Game

Guess the Childrens Book takes the already modern quiz night feature, and puts a new-born take on it, guests do their best to guess the children's book's from the emoji's.

4. True or False

True or False is always a hit at baby showers, usually catching many of the participants out with varied questions, some of which seem easier than the others, but you might be surprised. New and experienced mother's may find themselves learning a thing or two.

5. What's in the nappy bag

An icky nappy is no ones friend, but if the contents is a delicious snack then why not dive on in! Take a handful of nappys and place the contents of different foods inside, have the guests taste or smell each one and guess what they're eating! This game can always get extra interesting by taking some extra special foods like Marmalade or Anchovies!

6. Who said it, Mommy or Daddy?

A quick insight for the guests and family to hear what Mommy and Daddy are thinking! Who Said it Baby shower game is the perfect addition to your baby shower, this game gives all your guests a hint at what the parents are hoping for, and them an idea of what their friends and family are thinking.

7. Bump or Beer Belly

Hilarious, fun and full of questions. Baby or Beer Belly is a unique game where guests look at pictures of larger than life belly's, and have to decide whether what they're seeing is a cute pregnant baby belly, or a beer belly! You'll be surprised that this isn't as easy as you might think,

8. Who Knows Mommy best?

Game on! Who Knows Mommy Best is the perfect game to get friends and family extra competitive and battle it out to see who knows Mommy best. Time to remember those college days, hidden nights out, or embarrassing stories your Mother said she'd never share with the group!

9. Match the Animal

Match the Animal is lots of fun and perfect as part of your baby shower celebrations, guests can take a look at the game sheet they're given and try to guess how long animals are pregnant for, and are sure to be surprised by some of the answers.

10. Baby Shower Word Game

Baby Shower Word Scramble Game gives guests 10 minutes (or maybe more) to try and unscramble baby related words and phrases, a great opportunity for guests to vocalize their confusion as other seem quietly confident.