How to Have a Bridal Shower Online in 2021 | Your Party Games

Typically, bridal showers are thrown in person with all of your loved ones there to celebrate your impending marriage. With the state of the world lately requiring social distancing and for people to avoid gatherings, bridal showers hosted at a venue with friends are sadly out of the question. Even so, there are ways to enjoy the fun of a bridal shower over the internet with your closest friends in attendance on a video call. There are ways to make this a more personal experience as well.


Tips for a Successful and Fun Online Bridal Shower

- OPEN GIFTS TOGETHER BUT APART. There are two fun ways to open your gifts virtually: have your friends send the gifts ahead of time and open them while they watch, or have your friends open them on your behalf and show them off on the call.

- ORDER TAKEOUT. Even though you aren't together in person, you can still share the same meal by ordering takeout from the same restaurant and eating it at home. This is especially good for those who want to have their bridal shower over the brunch table.

- HAVE A SPA-EXPERIENCE. If you were looking forward to a girls’ day during the bridal shower, fear not; you can still enjoy the day with your friends from afar. Get all of your favorite facial tools together and enjoy going through the routine with your friends on video chat.-Beforehand, you can treat your guests to a goodie bag so all of you have the right products such as robes, nail polish, sheet masks and beyond. You can all get cozy and work on your facials just like you would enjoy them at the same time at a spa.

- VIRTUAL SIP AND PAINT. Many women choose to have their showers somewhere fun and engaging such as a sip and paint salon. You can still accomplish this at home just by getting all of the materials together and shipping them off to your friends. You can choose an image to paint so you can all be on the same page when creating. This way, everyone can paint together and have a drink of their choice to mimic the experience of actually going to a sip and paint business.

- HAVE A SIMPLE COCKTAIL HOUR. You can put on some music, pour your favorite drinks and catch a buzz together like you might at your house during the bridal shower. Make it even more special by encouraging everyone to dress up in their favorite cocktail looks. In this way, you can really mimic the experience of a fun cocktail experience all across the various locations where your friends are.

- DO SOME YOGA. Limber up and enjoy a relaxing yoga experience to bring your friends together from afar. You can put on a yoga video or lead your own yoga session for a more personalized experience.

There are many ways for you to enjoy a long-distance bridal shower. All it takes is a little creativity, as you can see.