Hosting a Bridal Shower

This year and last so many people have had to postpone major life events such as their wedding or bridal shower. I can’t imagine how heart wrenching that must be for a woman planning her big day. Many women dream of their wedding day growing up, looking through magazines of women in their beautiful white dresses imagining their own special day. These days most of us have a not so secret Pinterest folder filled with all our dream wedding ideas! Cakes, dresses, table decorations. The list is endless!

Of course a wedding is very important, but the bridal shower/hen party is the really fun part because it's stress free for the bride! Generally the maid of honour will plan the bridal shower leaving the bride to be blissfully unaware of the planning involved.

Now you may have dreamt of a bridal shower abroad with all your family and friends, or even a boozy night out with the hangover from hell, but as things stand the only place where a going is the dining table with a bottle of wine! But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun! We're all having to adapt our way of thinking, and although a stay at home shower may not have been the dream, I’m all for looking at the positives and looking at how we can make someone feel special and make an event fun.

If you're that person planning someone’s bridal shower the first thing you need to think of is a theme. What is it that your girl would have wanted? Is she more of a ‘party in Ibiza’, or ‘a dinner at the Hilton’ kind of girl?

If she’s a party girl and looking for a more happy go lucky shower get yourself on Amazon and order some Hawaiian decorations and inflatables to create a holiday atmosphere at her home. You could do with recruiting a house member to put them up for you in this scenario! Also send some cocktails and shots and let the party games commence! 

However for the more eloquent shower think about sending a bouquet of flowers to the house with an invite to the event, and a bottle of champagne to start with. Try and tailor the flowers to match the flowers she’s picked for her wedding day to show you've listened to her plans on the big day! 

Once you know your theme you can really start planning. Ensure you send invites in advance and get your bridal shower packs ready if that’s something your planning on doing. Again a bridal shower pack all depends on the theme but a cute little bag containing a mini bottle of prosecco, some sweets and maybe some of the printable games if that’s something you might like on the day is a lovely way of bringing everyone together. Some people may go down the printed t-shirt route, so if that’s something your planning be sure to arrange this way in advance! 

The virtual bridal shower is great for everyone and the little touches tailored to your bride is what will really bring it alive for everyone logging in online. These games are great while we can’t mix too much but can also be used when your family and friends don’t live too close! So get the drinks in and enjoy!