Celebrating Mothers Day Online in 2021

For many of us this year and last, the pandemic has changed our way of thinking, we appreciate our family now more than ever. This year let’s celebrate our mothers in style! I can’t wait to see what my husband has planned on behalf of our little one this year as it’s our first mother’s day! 

I am always full of different ideas with this sort of thing, I love to make people feel special and put effort into Every celebration. Personally I’m a sucker for decorations!! Cheesy or not I like to celebrate every event in life because life’s worth celebrating. 

With the world being how it is this year it all depends on who’s planning the mother’s day celebration as to what you can do to make it special. With my own mom I know she would love having a fuss made of her so this year I’m going to do the best I can like she always does for me.

So far I've ordered a few balloons to be sent to the house, my sister’s live at home so they can decorate the living room with them. Then iv asked my youngest sister to bake mom a few of her favourite cupcakes so that we can have a virtual afternoon tea. If you aren't able to get help from inside the home you could always drop off a little care package to the doorstep with cakes and invites, prosecco, balloons etc, or if you don’t live locally maybe you could have something delivered. Marks and Spencers have a beautiful range of cute hampers that can be delivered. They’re beautifully presented with prosecco, chocolates, scones and cakes etc.

On the day itself I’ll have some flowers delivered with a little card inviting mom to a virtual mother’s day party with afternoon tea. You could customise this how you like depending on what your mom would prefer, perhaps she’d prefer brunch or dinner but either way Zoom is the way forward for us this year. My mom and my sister’s can all pop open the prosecco and enjoy each other's virtual company.

This is just my idea for my own mom, but there are so many things you can do that are thoughtful and it doesn’t have to cost loads! Being thoughtful is the key when it comes to us women! You could frame a photo of your family, buy her favourite chocolates, offer a nice massage If you live in the same house!